Inner North Arena

The Inner North Arena will be the most significant ice sport and rock climbing infrastructure development in Australia. This unique multipurpose building will become South Australia’s own Madison Square Garden. The Arena, set to be the largest ice sports complex in the southern hemisphere, will form an iconic centre in the inner north of Adelaide.

The Arena will have one Olympic sheet of ice for recreational skating and a second Olympic sheet of ice in the main 3,900 capacity stadium. The Arena is designed to international standards to accommodate world championships in ice hockey and other ice sports. The design and capacity has already attracted significant international events including the USA versus Canada Ice Hockey Classic series. Special consideration has been given to ensure every stadium seat and corporate box will have a perfect view of the action.

It's not just about ice sports though! Rock climbing is a major recreational and sporting activity incorporated into the facility. The climbing walls will be the first in Australia able to accommodate all Olympic Sports Climbing elements of Lead, Speed and Bouldering.

Ralston Arena Nebraska. Image for illustration purposes.

The multi- purpose main stadium is designed to quickly transform from ice sport configuration to accommodate a multitude of other activities including hard court sports, expos, boxing, mixed martial arts and music concerts.